Saturday, July 20, 2013

What About Justice for Trayvon Martin?

Some, mostly conservatives, are arguing that the Florida "Stand Your Ground' law played no role in the Zimmerman trial or verdict they are wrong.

The Instructions read to the Jury used the new Florida "Stand Your Ground" law's guidelines (that the defendant only had to show they feared they would be killed, not the older self-defense guidelines, that the defendant had to show that they did everything they could to avoid the confrontation or events that lead to killing someone to defend themselves.

Furthermore, Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman were tried on two different grounds.  Treyvon Martin was tried and convicted of his own murder based on the pre-stand your ground laws that required a person to try to avoid or flee a situation that could lead to violence or death, whereas Zimmerman was acquitted based on the newer Stand Your Ground law which does not require a person to avoid a conflict, but only requires that they show they had a reasonable fear of bodily harm or death.  Two different laws, two different measures of "justice."  Why wasn't Treyvon Martin allowed the right to stand his ground?  What if Trevon Martin had killed Zimmerman in self-defense?

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