Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy May Day From Memphis DSA

Happy May Day from Memphis DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)!  It is a perilous time for American workers.  Our political leaders have forced austerity budget cuts upon us to spare the corporate rich from necessary tax increases and the already weak social "safety net," including Social Security and Medicare, are under attack.   Labor Unions are facing mounting obstacles blocking their ability to organize and defend workers.  Now is the time to unite and fight back!

Join DSA and other progressive/left and labor groups on this May Day to celebrate the achievements of the labor movement and unite to fight for the rights of all workers to living wages and benefits earned from their labor.

Visit DSA's Talking Union Website to learn more about labor issues and organizations to support and join.

Born in the USA

Building Workers' Power: ITUC May Day Statement

How Unions are Getting their Groove Back

It's Time for a Worker's Movement in the USA

Some recommended labor organizations and Web Sites:

Jobs With Justice

Working America

Workers Interfaith Network

Worker's Independent News

Labor Notes

Join us at Memphis United's  Memphis May Day Celebration!

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