Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cornel West: President Obama Must Declare War on Poverty

Number of working poor continues to rise even as unemployment drops - The War Room with Jennifer Granholm // Current TV

The unemployment rate is decreasing — and the ranks of the working poor are increasing. In 2011, 32 percent of working families made $46,000 or less, which wasn’t enough to cover their basic living expenses. That’s a 4 percent jump from 2007.
Meanwhile, the richest 20 percent of the nation’s wealthiest working families took home nearly half of all wages. Cornel West, a prolific author and a religion professor at the Union Theological Seminary, joins Jennifer Granholm to discuss.

DSA Honorary Co-Chair Cornel West joins Jennifer Granholm to discuss ways to eliminate poverty in the U.S.

Travis Smily Calls for White House Conference on US Poverty

Vision for a New America:  A Future Without Poverty

Inequality Rages as Dwindling Wages Lock Millions in Poverty

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