Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday to Woody Guthrie


Today is the Centennial (100th) Birthday Celebration of Folk Legend Wood Guthrie.  Celebrations have been organized around the world.

Democracy Now! Has had several great segments on the life, politics and music of Woody Guthrie:;

DSA has been commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Michael Harrington's classic book THE OTHER AMERICA, on poverty in America, and the Centennial Celebration of Woody Guthrie's life and music ties right in.. Both Harrington and Guthrie focused on the plight of the "underclass" in America.

Guthie  left Okemah Oklahomoa during the Great Depression and Great Dust Bowl that drove millions of poor workers and farmers west to California, and trekked his  way to California where he got involved in the working people's groups and associations, and started singing songs about the lives and people he watched struggle against Big Business and capitalism.

Woody Guthrie's music, from This Land is Your Land, Do Re Mi, to Hard Travelin' and All Your Fascists, is about how working class poor people deal with the class struggle between labor and capital… 
Learn more about Woody Guthrie at the Woody Guthrie Website

Hope to see you at our meeting today, 2 PM at Caritas Village (2509 Harvard Ave)

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