Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hartmann: Meet a Real Democratic Socialist

Hartmann: Meet a Real Democratic Socialist

DSA National Director Maria Svart on Thom Hartmann's Big Picture TV Show


  1. Nov. 21, 2011
    As I understand Jeremy Rifkin’s book The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era has a convincing presentation that the third sector is the only viable means for constructively channeling the surplus labor cast off by the global market. Neither government nor the market economy has the potential to solve the problem. As we know there are many reasons for this being the case, both nationally and globally. We are at a crossroad leading to a great social transformation or the demise of our civilization. Even now we are in the midst of change with the certainty that the social economy is emerging.
    In the light of this DSA might want to recalibrate its strategy. The evolution of our work-life has to mesh with our pursuit of sustainability in the social economy. Accessible education, a multitude of people and planet work opportunities (see Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest), many other people and environmental restoration tasks available, advocating effectively for a living wage, etc. clearly show that democratic socialism’s golden opportunity has arrived. Someone said that Michael Moore said: ‘America ain’t broke. ‘ Absolutely! The just mentioned assets are a part of America’s wealth. It’s really up to citizens to latch onto these opportunities. I mentioned some of this on the DSA website. The entire history of the United States is one of change and relevant work/construction because of new cultural realities constantly emerging. A new national director bodes well for a new phase for DSA. Frank Llewellyn and the other leaders made a wise choice for the successor in selecting Marie Svart.