Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Class Warfare in Wisconsin

From Madison, Wisconsin to Ohio and beyond, the progressive/left is waking up and the labor movement is fighting for it's existence against corporate-funded attacks on labor and collective bargaining for public workers (and all workers) by Republican (and some Democratic) governors and state legislatures.  It's time for a REAL "tea party revolution" against the corporate elites!

The Labor Uprising in Wisconsin

Showdown in Wisconsin: Are We Ready to Take America Back?

12 Things You Need to Know About the Wisconsin Uprising

Class Warfare in Wisconsin: 10 Things You Should Know

WI Governor's Fake Budget Crisis: Tax Breaks to Corporations to Bust Unions

Wisconsin is Battleground Against Billionaire Koch's Plan to Break Unions

Labor's Last Stand

The Betrayal of Public Workers

Thom Hartmann, Two Paths:  Bust Unions or Raise Taxes on the Wealthy

Robert Reich:  Exposing the Republicans' 3-Part Strategy to Destroy the  Middle Class

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